This 1970's photo of 412 Goodrich was taken by architectural historian Tom Lutz
This 1970's photo of 412 Goodrich was taken by architectural historian Tom Lutz

The John Lewis House is a one-story, wood-framed, Greek Revival-style, pre-Civil War structure, built in 1856, and is believed to be one of the oldest residences in St Paul that is still standing.

The vacant house has been threatened with demolition due to its poor condition and lack of viability as a rehabilitation project by its current owner. However, a group of preservation-minded neighbors has intervened on behalf of the 160-year-old structure. They have asked for and received a reprieve from the St Paul City Council to find an alternate solution to the repair or demolish order.

Little Bohemia Neighborhood Association (LBNA) and Historic Saint Paul (HSP) have worked together to devise a plan in which the current owner will donate the house to HSP and the two groups will work collaboratively to preserve, rehabilitate and sell the Lewis house as an owner-occupied home. To ensure that the Lewis House is preserved and rehabilitated we need to raise approximately $45,000 needed to cover the difference between the estimated cost of development and the expected sales price of the finished house.

An event to raise money in support of the project will be held on Sunday, November 5, from 3 to 6 p.m. at Bad Weather Brewing, located at 414 West 7th St. The event will feature beer specials, a silent auction, raffles and other activities, including information about the Lewis House.


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