Support Historic Saint Paul

Historic Saint Paul needs your support more than ever to respond to current and emerging opportunities to preserve and promote the cultural heritage, character and vitality of Saint Paul neighborhoods.   Any level is welcome, and every dollar truly makes a difference. We hope you will join us with monthly giving.

We are planning some wonderful exclusive events, tours and gatherings that will be offered only to Preservation Partners:

  • Projects in progress tours & sneek peeks
  • Cocktail party at private homes in Irvine Park
  • Meet & greet coffee with local historians & preservation enthusiasts
  • Artifact prepping with an Archeologist
  • Downton Abbey movie night at James J. Hill House
  • Ask an Architect happy hours and coffee visits 
  • Private tour of historic sites such as Landmark Center
  • Insider tours of unique renovations such as the Rail Shop, 210 Bates, Celeste Hotel or Hope Engine Co.
  • Private walking tours with local historian Jim Sazevich

We value your feedback and knowing what projects are most important to you. When you make your donation also let us know the projects about which you'd like to receive updates.