Preserve Frogtown

Since 2012 Historic Saint Paul and Frogtown Neighborhood Association have partnered in Preserve Frogtown, a partnership to honor and celebrate the rich cultural and architectural heritage of this working class neighborhood through housing and creative community-building activities.

Preserve Frogtown began as HSP and FNA discussed how information gathered during the 2011 Saint Paul Survey Project could combine with information gained from in an intensive, 16 -week community outreach effort conducted by Frogtown Neighborhood Association to help inform preservation-based community development activity. Our work together incorporate the following priorities:

  • Cost-effective and sensitive rehabilitation of vacant properties that reflect and enhance the character of the neighborhood
  • Coordination of resources that reduce the cost of rehabilitation and home ownership
  • Affirmative neighborhood marketing and community engagement activities that celebrate the neighborhood’s cultural assets
  • Promoting local workforce development opportunities 
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    493 Edmund